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Google’s Pixels will go up against Apple and other Androids | “This is…what we think is the ideal Google user experience”

Google’s first pitch to phone makers was simple: You make the hardware, we’ll make the software. Our play is services, ad revenue, eyeballs. The more phones you sell, the better we do. It was a good pitch. More than 3 in 4 smartphones shipped around the world run Android, and when it’s not Christmastime, that figure rises closer to 9 in 10.

For years, though, Android alliances have been uneasy. Hardware partners from Samsung to Xiaomi have built their own Android apps and app stores, promoted on their phones alongside or instead of those made by Google. Samsung is also developing its own operating system, as is China market leader Huawei, according to tech news site The Information. Google had been pushing a

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