How thinking like a kid can spur creativity

IT’S COMMON FOR ADULTS TO FEEL LIKE we’re drowning in judgment—“You’re not famous enough,” “You’re not smart enough,” “You’re not thin enough.” The weight of these appraisals,

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The New Nuclear Poker
AT A VAST TRACT OF UNINHABITED DESERT IN southern Nevada, hundreds of moonlike craters dimple the wasteland, remnants of Cold War nuclear explosions that melted the bedrock and fused the sand to ensure that America could take part in the unthinkable:
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At The Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake Plays A High-stakes Game
IT’S HARD TO THINK OF A BIGGER, more consistently successful star than Justin Timberlake. Since his charmed beginnings as the front man of 1990s boy band ’N Sync, Timberlake has triumphed in all of his endeavors. His solo music career includes a long
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Suffering In Silence, And Out Loud
LISA HALLIDAY’S DEBUT novel, Asymmetry, begins with a lopsided affair—a perfect vehicle for a story of inexperience and advantage. This romance is between Alice, a young woman in publishing, and Ezra Blazer, a literary éminence grise, who resembles a