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Topgolf is the driving range, sports bar, and nightclub that actually makes golf fun
Topgolf awards points based on the distance and accuracy of your shot. Landing a ball in the center ring of the farthest hole, 185 yards from the hitting bays, nets you 10 points. Getting one in the outer ring of the nearest hole, 25 yards away, scores you three.

It’s a Friday night in late September, when tourism begins to pick up after the heat of summer in Scottsdale, Ariz. A group of eight twentysomething guys are enjoying the warm evening on an open-air deck, reclining on low couches arranged around a table loaded with aluminum bottles of Coors Light. This Is How We Do It throbs from speakers above. A few hundred yards away, the light display at the Talking Stick Resort shimmers in pastel hues of blue, green, pink, and purple. One of the guys grabs a club, approaches the patch of artificial turf where a ball sits waiting for him, and swings, launching it on a low parabola toward Talking Stick’s casino.

He and his friends are at Topgolf, the driving-range-meets-sports-bar-meets-nightclub that’s one of the fastest-growing recreational entertainment chains in the U.S. Scenes like this are playing out at 25 other locations across the country tonight—people eating,

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