PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS often represent uncertainty for American businesses. Donald Trump’s victory is no exception. Trump’s restless Twitter fingers and free-trade-bashing bravura, combined with global turmoil, have given many businesses a muddy view of the future. Ian Bremmer, founder of risk-assessment firm Eurasia Group, consults for hundreds of businesses and governments. He recently discussed the dawning Age of Trump with Inc. editor James Ledbetter.

Q In your 2015 book, Superpower, you describe three paths for America: Moneyball America, Independent America, and Indispensable America. Where do you see Trump taking us?

Very clearly, Independent. Obama’s big problem was that he kept talking like this Indispensable America guy: “We can do it; Assad must go; Russia must leave Ukraine; we’re going to drive the global-trade order with TPP and the TTIP,” and

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