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Trump Isn't George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, or Obama—He's Trump

The temptation to look for parallels in former (or hypothetical) presidents only obscures just how unsettled and unpredictable the current commander in chief actually is.
Source: Rick Wilking / Reuters

In honor of Passover, let us pose a question: Why is this president different from all other presidents? What if, in fact, he is not? After a series of flip-flops over the last week, there’s a spring bloom of takes arguing that President Trump is just like other presidents, real or hypothetical.

Jonathan Chait, for example, writes that “Donald Trump is just George W. Bush but racist.” Chait points out that Trump has dropped many of the trappings of supposed populism he adopted during the campaign:

He has oriented his domestic policy around traditional Republican priorities: deregulation, especially of the financial sector and fossil fuels, and regressive tax cuts. Report after report

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