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Just graduated? You'll likely earn $3 less per hour if you're a woman | Arwa Mahdawi

A new study finds that the pay gap persists for recent college graduates, and it’s equal to an annual wage gap of more than $6,000 for full-time workers
‘In the job market, women simply don’t get the benefit of the doubt, while men do.’ Photograph: Chieko Hara/AP

The pay gap, much like climate change, is probably a myth. This, anyway, is what many people (usually men) would have you believe, even faced with a mountain of data that suggests otherwise. And even when they do grudgingly accept stats – in 2015, women earned 83% of what men earned, for instance – they’ve normally got a personally reasonable, not-at-all-sexist explanation for it. Women just aren’t ambitious or well qualified; they don’t ask for raises; they drop out of

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