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The Mummy Is a Monstrous Flop

Tom Cruise’s new starring vehicle sees the actor straining to have fun as he tries to set up an unnecessary new franchise.
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Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), the dashing hero of Alex Kurtzman’s preposterous  extravaganza The Mummy, is a virile fortune hunter, the kind of roustabout who shoots first, asks questions later, and always gets the girl. He’s the kind of scoundrel who steals a treasure map from a winsome scientist (Jenny Halsey, played by Annabelle Wallis) after a passionate night together, which he uses to discover an ancient mummy’s tomb. When Jenny tries to tell him about the warning hieroglyphics inscribed therein, he scoffs, “I don’t have time for your archeologist jargon.” Nick’s not worried about ancient curses—not when there’s money

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