A Plan For Raising Brilliant Kids, According to Science

A developmental framework for building 21st century skills--no technology or money required.
Source: LA Johnson

Since NPR Ed first published this piece last year, it's become one of our most popular posts of all time. And since then, there's been a little anecdotal proof of concept for these parenting theories:

Kathy Pasek, one of the authors interviewed, has a son named Benj Pasek. He is a composer who, like his mother, works as one half of a long-running collaboration. Pasek and Justin Paul took home an Oscar and a Golden Globe this year for one of their songs for the film La La Land. And the original Broadway show "Dear Evan Hansen", based in part on an incident in Pasek's life, garnered 6 Tony Awards, with 2 for Pasek and Paul for Best Musical and Best Original Score.

"Why are traffic lights red, yellow and green?"

When a child asks you a question like this, you have a few options. You can shut her down with a "Just because." You can explain: "Red is for stop and green is for go." Or, you can turn the question back to her and help her figure out the answer with

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