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'It's like I've been born again': the young Syrians making a new life in Mexico

Some came to Mexico fearing they would find more violence. But instead they’ve found a new home and a second chance
Silva Hassan Namo, 22, Amer Bahra, 24, and Ahmed Aldabak, 23, Syrian refugees in Mexico, wait for their turn at immigration in Aguascalientes. Photograph: Nina Lakhani

When they still lived back home in Derik, northern Syria, Silva Hassan Namo and her family would gather each evening around the television to watch the latest episodes of their favourite Mexican telenovelas.

Even after civil war forced them to flee to Iraq, the family would follow the soap operas whenever they could, to escape the grim monotony of life in a refugee camp.

So when Hassan was granted a scholarship to study in Mexico, her family was uneasy about her moving to a country they’d only ever known as the setting for melodramatic tales of revenge, family feuds and mafia

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