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Announcing the Judges for the 2017 PEN USA Literary Awards

PEN Center USA, the West Coast center of PEN International, is pleased to announce its 2017 Literary Awards judges. The 2017 Literary Awards will be presented at the 27th Annual Literary Awards Festival at on October 27th, in Los Angeles. At the risk of burying the lede, Margaret Atwood (who is being honored with a lifetime achievement award), might just engage in amiably irascible badinage with awards host Nick Offerman, who is almost as great as she is.

The 2017 Literary Awards Judges

Chris Abani · Alex Espinoza · Jervey Tervalon
Creative Nonfiction
Dinah Lenney · Thomas P. McBee · Elizabeth Silver
Research Nonfiction
Simone Browne · Lillian Faderman · Dan Slater
Natalie Diaz · Saeed Jones · Richard Siken
Kami Garcia · Brendan Kiely · Bill Konigsberg
Jennifer Croft · Elisabeth Jacquette · Idra Novey
Maria Bustillos · Daniel Hernandez · Edward Humes
Diana Burbano · Ruth McKee · Chelsea Sutton

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