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Politicians need to get digitally literate – and fast | Martha Lane Fox

Corporate bosses now truly understand the risks of poor web security. The public sector must catch up• Martha Lane Fox is founder of Doteveryone and a cross-bench peer
‘Every new minister should have the tools they need … only then will we avoid disasters such as the mammoth failure to upgrade NHS software.’ Photograph: Dave Hunt/AAP

NHS data breaches, ransomware attacks, ATMs hijacked, fake news, violent jihadist content on YouTube. The challenges posed by today’s digital culture make those I faced with Brent Hoberman when we started nearly 20 years ago seem trifling. Back then we were grappling with early technologies to help make credit card payments on the web safe. Today the difficulties are of a different order of magnitude. And that’s before you begin to think about the future – which promises more big data, autonomous vehicles and, with machine learning underpinning it all.

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