London Underground Calling: Buskers Audition To Play On The Tube

Some famous British musicians — George Michael, Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeran — started as buskers. So it's no wonder hundreds of hopefuls are auditioning for a coveted license to play on London's tube.
University student Miles Sutton plays jazz for his audition to busk on the London subway. Source: Frank Langfitt

Vicki Sayers arrives at London's Westminster tube station with her guitar slung over her shoulders like a backpack, pulling her amp on a dolly. She sets up in a corner of the cavernous subway station and plays John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" as three judges and a crowd of commuters listen.

Sayers, a high school senior from outside London, is among more than 300 musicians vying for up to 100 coveted licenses to play on the Tube,

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