From Baptist Roots To The Bedroom, Demo Taped Gives His Electro Groove A Gospel Redux

The Atlanta anomaly and Young Thug labelmate faces his anxieties on new single, "Insecure."
Demo Taped works his way out of the blues by returning to his gospel roots on "Insecure." Source: Savana Ogburn

In the age of SoundCloud rap, 19-year-old Demo Taped's rise from unknown Atlanta-bred music prodigy to 300 Entertainment signee isn't all that unusual. That he's ascended from hip-hop's bedrock city to the house that Lyor Cohen built while making something other than hip-hop? That's totally out of the ordinary.

Instead, the bedroom producer and singer-songwriter has developed a sound steeped, over the last couple of years, in colorful synths and bouncy electro grooves. But Demo Taped has stripped down of late to reveal some surprisingly soulful, church-ified roots underneath all that DIY digital sheen. It's part of a personal transformation that finds him climbing from a shell of depression and anxiety at a time when some of the biggest

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