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Cory Booker's 2020 Plan: Clemency For Up To 20,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders
In an effort to reduce mass incarceration, Cory Booker wants to reform the clemency powers of the White House and shorten federal prison sentences for as many as 20,000 nonviolent drug offenders, according to a proposal unveiled by the Democrat's pre
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Editorial: California's Story Was Written With Native American Blood. Let's Finally Admit It
In the Disney version of California, the Golden State was built by industrious settlers who came in waves from various points east to make their fortunes from the resource-rich land that, in some places, was actually lined in gold. The truth, however
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An 'Easy A' Spinoff Is In The Works, With New Students
When "Easy A" debuted in 2010, it spoke frankly about teenagers' sex lives, captured the zeitgeist pastime of vlogging and solidified Emma Stone as a movie star. Nearly a decade after the release of that romantic comedy, a spinoff movie is in the wor