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No matter how you're affected by a tragedy, help is available

Experts weigh in on the psychological reverberations of violence.
Therapist speaks to patients.

Group therapy can be a viable alternative to individual therapy, especially if the group involves fellow survivors.

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At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 were injured in a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The Mandalay Bay Resort, where the tragedy took place, is currently calling for trauma counselors to help the shooting victims in the short term. But survivors and the families of those killed will spend years dealing with the aftermath of this event, and the trauma does not stop with those who were present and their loved ones.

Vicarious , or compassion fatigue, affects people who work with catastrophe victims. Even watching the news on television —research suggests that following such events on social media can lead. The event itself only happens once, but media coverage can make it feel like the catastrophe is happening over and over again.

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