Diwali Fireworks Are Limited In India Over Toxic Smog Concerns

Diwali — the Hindu festival of lights — has been blamed for cloaking New Delhi and other cities in unhealthy smog from massive amounts of fireworks that are set off day and night.
Indian commuters drive through smog in New Delhi on Oct. 31, 2016. Last year's Diwali festival left New Delhi shrouded in a thick blanket of toxic smog, after millions of Indians lit firecrackers to celebrate. / MONEY SHARMA / Getty Images

One year after fireworks celebrating Diwali, the religious festival known as the festival of lights, enveloped New Delhi in a thick, choking smog, courts in India have issued bans on fire cracker sales and restrictions on when fireworks can be exploded.

The clampdown has angered critics — including Gov..

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