Krautrock Noir: Through a Musical Mirror Darkly with Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas

The Chilean rocker from Germany talks about his latest musical project, The Desdamonas.
Source: marcelo_Setton

Conversing with Germany-raised, Chile-born electronic music producer & DJ is to fall head-first into a rabbit hole of fantastic musical visions. From the countryside in Italy while on tour, Aguayo speaks rapid-fire whirlwind phrases about how he conceived his new and first band project, a quartet he fronts, singing and playing a variety of instruments). The band also exists in video, based on Aguayo's own drawings. As the first single of the upcoming album, "Cold Fever" introduces a noir tale (Aguayo is a huge film fan) that takes place in the dance capital of , also the name of the new release.

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