Turkey's leg of the Silk Road could be smoother

Turkish officials are playing up the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway as a segment of the new Silk Road linking Beijing to London, but there are many bumps yet to come along the way.

A map shows the route of the BTK railway, taken from a screenshot from video uploaded Oct. 30, 2017. It goes from Baku, Azerbaijan (seen on the map as Azerbaycan), through Tblisi, Georgia (seen on the map as Tiflis, Gurcistan), to Kars, Turkey. Some organizations did not participate in BTK financing because the shortest route through Armenia (the unnamed country on the map below Georgia) was bypassed in favor of Tblisi for political reasons. (photo by YouTube/NewsNews)

and the  tend to quote staggering numbers when discussing strategic equations, as they are doing now regarding the BTK railway project connecting Baku in Azerbaijan, Tblisi in Georgia and Kars in Turkey. The 527-mile leg contributes

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