The Case For 'Grey's Anatomy,' 300 Episodes In

Aside from an episode recap or a mention of the latest character Shonda Rhimes has written off, critics don't pay much attention to Grey's. But there's a reason it's still so popular.
Grey's Anatomy is now in its 14th season, one season shy of equaling ER's record as TV's longest-running medical drama. (Pictured: Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo) Source: Mitch Haaseth

ABC's Grey's Anatomy might be the best show on television that TV critics rarely talk about.

We'll spend time dissecting the '80s references in the latest season of , or blogging about the blue string Eleven sports around her wrist in the last episode. (Google it!) But when it comes to a show that's now in its 14th season — one season shy of equaling 's record as TV's longest-running medical drama? A series that, on Thursday night, airs its 300th episode?

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