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For his people, Puducherry CM V Narayanasamy remains accessible on his cell number

Puducherry CM V Narayanasamy's development mechanism is based on introducing administrative reforms, streamlining the administration, giving responsibility to officers and fixing accountability.

There are not many chief ministers in the country who remain accessible to the common man over their personal cell phone. Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy is an exception. In June this year, he received calls from six different individuals who weren't trying to contact him with usual requests school or college admission, medical help or recommendations for jobs in the private sector. They were complaining about a young bureaucrat's corrupt practices.

Narayanasamy called the officer to his office and told him: "You are a young officer with a bright career ahead. Why are you tarnishing your reputation? Why don't you do something so that I call you to my

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