Google Pixelbook

Work comfortably on the go with a stylish and powerful Chromebook, which has a versatile optional stylus, responsive keyboard, Android app support, Google’s Chrome launcher, and a handy tablet mode. £999, store.google.com

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T32 min read
Product 02: arlo Ultra
Side by side with its competitors, you’d be hard pressed to outwardly tell the difference, but fire up the Arlo app and the quality gap between this and others is all too clear. It starts with connectivity. Setup of the Arlo hub and its paired camera
T32 min read
Product 03: d-link Mydlink Pro
This one had us torn. On the one hand, it’s a well designed camera and hub combo, with a long-lasting battery, at a decent price. On the other, there are some big issues to look past. To begin with, the picture quality is a tad questionable. Detail a
T32 min read
A Running Commute Kit
Alice wants to start running her 30-minute commute. She’d like new running clobber, including trainers and a backpack that holds her office outfit and laptop. Tech journalist Becca regularly tests new sports gear that performs well and looks great, w