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The Unlucky Tycoon

Wang Jing has business interests on four continents—and a long list of woes

A SpaceX rocket that exploded last year left three of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs red-faced. Elon Musk tweeted about the failure of his launch vehicle, and Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook about the blow to his plans for expanding the internet in Africa using the Amos 6 satellite onboard. Wang Jing, the least well-known of them, scrapped his plans to buy the Israeli company that owned the satellite.

For Wang, 44, it was another in a string of setbacks for projects around the globe. His plans for a $10 billion deep-water port in Crimea fell through after Russia annexed the region in 2014. That same year he broke ground on a $50 billion canal in Nicaragua to compete with Panama’s. Little ground has moved since. A separate deal

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