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Kit Harington


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MONDAY, DEC. 18 | 10–11PM | HBO

Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Credit for the infamous plot by Catholic radicals in 1605 generally goes to Guy Fawkes, but the real brains was Robert Catesby, the protagonist of HBO’s three-episode miniseries. Catesby is portrayed by his supposed real-life descendant Kit Harington, who smolders and dashes about Jacobean England in a cape, sporting a mustache any Game of Thrones fan will recognize. Gunpowder has everything you’d expect from a 17th-century period piece (gory torture, nudity, homosexual flirtation in court, Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss as a smirking villain), and at least one thing you would absolutely not (Liv Tyler). The dialogue is often stilted, and a few scenes drag while we’re all waiting for the big bang that never happens (spoiler alert—King James was not assassinated!). But consider Gunpowder a Renaissance Faire: If you go in with an open spirit and let yourself get swept up in the accents and facial hair, you’ll

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