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Pick a Drink, Any Drink

At the Aviary’s New York hotel-lobby outpost, the magic is confined to the glass.
The Aviary NYC

The Aviary NYC

80 Columbus Cir., at 60th St.

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DON’T WORRY, most people abandon it halfway through,” the impeccably mannered waitperson said with a practiced little bow. My guests and I were peering at Grant Achatz’s towering “Giant Crispy Pork Skin,” a creation that, like the Redwoods or the Taj Mahal, still manages to look impressive in real life, no matter how many times you’ve scrolled absently past it on your Instagram feed. The great pork flap is pulled and twisted into giant rippling shapes during the deep-frying process at Achatz’s new bar-restaurant the Aviary and then propped, like

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