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Split in Two: Why Gulzar wrote a Partition novel for our times

"She doesn't understand one may cut the mountain into two, but people? It's a hard task, Bhai to cut one people into two. They bleed."

- Two by Gulzar

A part of his face was lit by the morning sun. He was looking for silence. The swans flapped their wings, water stayed on course with its repeated trajectory with the fountain, and people chatted away.

Gulzar was kind. He walked towards a corner table. He said he would speak of loss and a temporary status, of insults and that deprivation of birthplace induced by Partition. Seventy years have gone by and, yet, the Partition is a work in progress. And even though he wrote short stories on Partition, the novel Two, he says, is his attempt at a release. But then, he knows this is temporary,

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