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Runners have a higher concentration and greater volume of gray matter, which means better memory, quicker recall, and generally feeling sharper and

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Topo Athletic Ultraventure
PRICE: $130 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 9.9 oz (m), 8.2 oz (w) DROP: 5 mm THE LATEST TRAIL offering from Topo affirms a fairly recent development in runner preference: People like shoes that are wider and flatter than the norm. A comparison with Altra’s tr
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The Inside Lane
I HAVE A recurring meeting with RW staff every weekday at noon. It’s covertly named “Gear Testing” on our calendars, and, as you can probably guess, it’s our daily lunch run. But every Monday, our resident ultrarunner, Pat Heine, is absent. After a w
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Watch Selfies Tell the Real Story
There’s a growing trend in my Instagram feed. Yours too, I’d bet: photos capturing a runner’s wrist cocked, workout summary on the watch face, shoes, legs, and the occasional good dog in the background. Amid the finish-line photos, medal selfies, and