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While it’s true that the prevalence of dating apps in today’s society is helping to make dating more efficient, does this mean that there has been an influx of successful, long-lasting relationships or simply more people who’ve grown dissatisfied with their current situation?

Sex Robots | Kate Devlin | TEDxWarwick


Right now, we are in a Technosexual Era. The term technosexual is used to define someone who prefers technology over an actual human relationship and is often put in place to demean an individual who places an interest in technology but does not have a romantic partner. These people, who are usually men, often face stereotypes such as social awkwardness, unattractiveness, and loneliness.

However, modern sex technology that allows the user to customize their experience has begun to combat the stereotype that it is single, lonely men who are the main users of certain devices. Artificial intelligence found in software such as dating.

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