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Building Lego’s New Star Wars Droids
Lego’s new big Star Wars set, and one you can expect to see a lot more of as we come towards its September 2019 release date, is actually three sets and an app in one box. The Lego Star Wars Boost set lets kids build three iconic droids, including R2
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The Secrets Behind Lego Star Wars
For 20 years, Jens Kronvold Frederiksen has been the resident Jedi Master in charge of Lego Star Wars. As creative director, he’s overseen its transformation from a cool concept into a juggernaut of creativity and desire. Speaking to him, it’s clear
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Duncan Bell Is Innovating
When you write a column about tech for 10-plus years, you do find that you repeat yourself a bit. I’m sure you can identify with that everyday concern. A piece I’ve definitely written a number of times over the years is one about real innovation bein