Amid shifting regional alliances, will Jordan open up to Iran?

As Jordan seems to be growing more isolated in the region with the changing alliances, pundits are calling on the government to consider new moves, including forging an alliance with Iran.

Jordan's King Abdullah (R) walks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif before their meeting at the Royal Palace, Amman, Jordan, Jan. 14, 2014.(photo by REUTERS/Jordanian Royal Palace/Yousef Allan)

As Jordanians bade farewell to an exceptionally bad year for the kingdom in terms of worsening economic and social conditions, forecasts for 2018 were noticeably not optimistic. Parliament is expected to pass a controversial state budget that will approve an International Monetary Fund (IMF) mandated that will include bread — an essential daily staple for millions of Jordanians. In addition, a draft income tax law will limit exemptions for paying income tax and lower the threshold for those who. Economists have warned that foreign aid to the kingdom might also decrease in 2018.

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