Automate announcements

WHETHER YOU’RE announcing an engagement or the birth of a child, or just want to send your family vacation photo to everyone without using Facebook, copying and pasting a templated email and filling in the blanks is a chore on a Mac, never mind on iOS. There is a better way.

If you’ve used the free Automator utility that’s been included with macOS for years, you’ll find the basic principles of Workflow for iOS are similar. If not, in summary: You assemble actions in an order that achieves your particular goal. The output of one action can flow directly into the next, all working together. As you use the app, you’ll see this flow of info represented as a line that runs vertically from one action to the next

Data doesn’t have to be passed forward, though; if the next action in sequence is not designed to take the kind of output the previous one produces, there won’t be a line between them. This doesn’t mean the first

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