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Photoshop’s arsenal of selection tools and commands offer a particular set of skills…


Click points to make a straight-edged polygonal selection. Press Backspace to

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Digital Camera World8 min read
Moose Peterson
With a name like Moose, it’s not surprising to hear that Moose Peterson’s first love was wildlife photography. But when I’m speaking down the phone to him in California, it’s a famous landscape view in Yosemite National Park that he’s framing in the
Digital Camera World3 min read
Flood Foregrounds For Striking Water Effects
FREE! 16 water reflection effects Jon is a professional photographer and writer. He also provides one-to-one and smallgroup tuition in both digital SLR and Photoshop image-editing skills. This is a wonderful technique that emulates the effect of a wa
Digital Camera World1 min read
Image Rescue
This raw file of some fun off-roading action is a little cool-looking, and the areas in shadow are losing details. 1 First, I want to warm up the whole photo by pushing the White Balance slider in the Basic Panel to the right until I am happy with th