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The Atlantic Daily: When a President Insults the World

Offensive remarks on immigration, U.S. nuclear policy, how the Trump presidency could end, and more
Source: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

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Trump’s Offensive Comments: During a meeting Thursday with lawmakers about immigration policy, President Trump reportedly spoke disparagingly of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, asking, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” (He also reportedly said he’d prefer that more immigrants come from Norway, but not many are likely to do so.) Trump’s rhetoric on immigration has long been incendiary, but as Adam Serwer writes, these remarks put a particularly ugly—and inescapable—face to the purpose of his presidency.

Trump announced on Twitter that he is because he is “not a big fan” of the American embassy’s new location. Although the reversal may in fact Meanwhile, the Pentagon is preparing to set the U.S. nuclear-weapons policy, and a leaked draft suggests the nation is moving to

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