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Breathe In the Gains

Source: THE EXHALEBreathe out, pulling your belly back in and squeezing your abdominals.DO IT BETTER Push your lower back into a chair and blow out all the air that you possibly can.THE INHALEDraw air in through your nose and mouth; air moves down your windpipe and into your lungs.DO IT BETTER To ensure that your breath fills your belly first, watch your shoulders; they should barely move.THE DIAPHRAGMArch your back and let your belly relax as it expands with air. This should rock you forward in your chair.DO IT BETTER Practice belly breathing by lying down with a light kettlebell on your stomach; push it up while inhaling.

Brandon Lilly is one of the strongest men on the planet, an elite powerlifter who’s squatted 843 pounds. But then a knee injury sidelined him in 2014. “I had to look at myself in the mirror,” he says. “The whole reason I got into powerlifting was to look better, feel better, and get stronger. The only thing that had improved was my strength.” At 345 pounds, Lilly

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