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Hi clean eaters! I am so excited about this jam-packed issue and I think you will be too. First of all, we’re revealing the top three GOCLEAN45 challenge success stories that were so moving and inspiring, even our very own team who created the Simply Organic-sponsored program were amazed by their success. Three incredible women, Marianne, Michele and Margaret (or the three Ms as we referred to them around the office) underwent such impressive

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Clean Eating2 min read
Suppements to Beat UTIs
D-MANNOSE, a sugar that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, may help prevent UTIs. A number of studies have shown that D-mannose can inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to cells in the urinary tract, binding to them and then allowing them to
Clean Eating3 min read
Did You Know?
Indian or Chinese takeout tonight? Go for the former, or better yet, make it yourself. Curcumin, an active component of turmeric (a pungent herb used in curry), has been shown to reduce inflammation in nerve cells, leading scientists to suggest in th
Clean Eating3 min read
Are You Getting Enough
The optimal dosage of omega-3s can vary from person to person – depending on diet, the type of supplement you choose and your level of absorption. The most accurate way to know if you’re getting enough is to get tested. Some companies offer a home te