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The ultimate guide to making cafe-style coffee in your own home

From pour-over brews to quality lattes at the touch of a button.

How to make a great cup of coffee

You could spend $6 on a great coffee. Or not.

With the right set of tools, it's really not hard to drink cafe-quality coffee in the quiet of your own kitchen.

To brew a delicious cup of coffee, there are certain variables you need to master: the ratio of coffee to water, brew time, water temperature, and the grind size of your beans. All of these factors have to come together to create a balanced cup. When the coffee grinds are introduced to hot water, the water begins to extract compounds from the coffee beans. The goal? Liquid that is not too bitter, burnt, or sour. To get there, you need to extract the right compounds from the beans at the right time. This can take experimentation, and will change depending on what product you use to concoct your brew.

And while there are standard recommendations, coffee making is really all about personal taste. For example, I (a coffee enthusiast, clearly) prefer the pour-over method and use a to brew my coffee. But that's

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