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Reboots, revivals, remakes, comebacks, reimaginations take center stage — again

In the beginning was the work. And the work begat the sequel, begat the franchise.

Thus, your "Iliad," your "Odyssey." Your Old Testament and New. Your "Sherlock Holmes," "Sherlock" and "Elementary." Your "Full House," your "Fuller House."

And so does a work become a property, exploitable across diverse platforms and many sorts of merchandise, and in the fullness of time may become a reboot. And we are in a time full of reboots, revivals, re-imaginings and unexpected returns, all across the arts, but especially in television, where the future is looking more and more like the past.

Among the series recently brought back to life from the foggy mists of time are "Will & Grace," "Gilmore Girls," "Dynasty," "Queer Eye," "Twin Peaks," "Hawaii Five-0," "MacGyver" and "One Day at a Time." On the horizon - in production, on the drawing board, seriously being discussed - are the belated next chapters of "Murphy Brown," "Miami Vice," "Cagney &

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