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79 IS THE NEW 29

1954 Speed, Strength, Success

As a high school junior, Bass won the state pentathlon (pushup, chinup, jump reach, bar vault, and 300-meter shuttle run). He attributes his success to the incremental athleticism he had been building since he began lifting weights at age 13.

1968 Cross-Training: Who Knew?

Until the 1960s, lifters typically didn’t run and runners didn’t lift. But when Bass read Kenneth Cooper’s seminal 1968 book Aerobics, he learned that highand low-intensity cardio sculpts a ripped physique. It’s been part of his regimen ever since.

1973 The Body-Fat Track

Bass didn’t have his body composition clinically assessed until 1977, when his body fat clocked in at 2.4 percent. That’s been impossible to maintain, but he’s stayed in the single digits. He keeps track with a Tanita scale to help prevent fat creep.

1979 Intensity Trumps Volume

High-volume training was still the go-to approach for bodybuilding (and other sports) when Bass tried a new method pioneered by Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus Equipment. Intense, less frequent workouts gave him better results in less time.

1989 Your Passion Play

Weightlifting isn’t universally appealing, so Bass urges people to seek out the type of exercise that yields the result they’re looking for. He calls this the ownership principle—you find the thing you’re

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