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Source: To finish the roll, extend your right arm fully in front of you, “like you’re shaking someone’s hand,” says Pedersen. Adding english via body gyrations is not mandatory, though it is highly entertaining.During your swing, cup your hand beneath the ball. You can try to put some spin on it by releasing the ball as if you were throwing an underhand spiral with a football.In a natural, fluid motion, swing your arm back and let gravity, not strength, bring the ball down until its release.As you reach the line, center your weight over your left leg, knee bent. Swing your right leg behind your left to balance the ball beneath your right shoulder. (Flip it all if you’re a lefty.)

Take down more turkeys with help from Randy Pedersen, a PBA Hall of Famer. For more tips, watch the PBA League Playoffs and Elias Cup Finals, April 13 to 16.

I wanted to enjoy the game like a league vet. To learn how,

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