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Celebrating 16 Years of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR

Hey. Struck out again last night. It’s weird. Really thought I had a shot.

Talk to me, dude. What happened?

You don’t want to know.

Oh please. I’ve heard everything over the past 16 years. Lay it on me.

We hit it off fine, but I dunno. I meet lots of women, just can’t close.

Sounds like a YOU problem.

...OK look, let me talk to my girlfriends. We’re all getting together. And we know what women want.


MEN’S HEALTH: So, ladies, did writing an advice column affect your own relationships?

Immensely, because it forced me to empathize with men more. Men are smart, but they’re often confused. I’m a mother now, so I crave sleep more than I crave sex. But I understand how it feels for my husband. Sometimes he just needs to ejaculate, desperately. Ideally with a woman—me. For women, you kind of have to get the ball rolling before you actually want to have sex. I’m like: “Look, dude,

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