All aboard: Party Hikes

IT’S NOT THAT I DON’T LIKE CROWDS. Wait, no, yes, it is—especially in the backcountry, where I go to get away from the hordes, not join them.

Which is to say, it took me

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14 Land Of The Ancients
SEWING-MACHINE LEG is never fun, but it sure is memorable when scaling an escalator-length ladder bolted to slickrock. I look ahead and try to focus on what’s to come when my hiking partners and I enter a huge undercut in the cliff: a Pre-Columbian s
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WE GLIDE SILENTLY around a bend in the river, unintentionally sneaking up on two fawns playing in the shallow water. Close wildlife encounters are an unexpected perk of both boat travel and Iowa’s little-known Middle River. The easy current delivers
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Private by Nature
THE SMALL TRAILHEAD parking lot was packed. Over a dozen cars were sardined in, with more in the overflow lot 100 yards down the road. My heart sank. This was not what I’d expected when I planned a family-and-friends backpacking trip in California’s