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Peanut Butter Dream
Even ramen is better with peanut butter. Serves 2 ½ cup peanut butter2 Tbsp. Sriracha2 Tbsp. soy sauce2 packages ramen noodles1 red bell pepper, dehydrated or fresh1 head broccoli, dehydrated or fresh1 lime AT HOME ➞ Combine peanut butter, Sriracha,
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11. A Camp for Kings
THE HIKE IN was great—like, massive-gorges, snowcapped-peaks, knock-your-socks-off great. But it’s nothing—nothing—compared to the Hamilton Lakes basin. We crest the final set of switchbacks, and suddenly we stand before a blue jewel of a lake surrou
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Float Your Boat
Inflatable boats have long been a solution for storage-challenged paddlers, but they don’t perform quite as well as hardshell craft. The AE1007-E narrows the gap with two key design features: a stiffer-than-normal floor and aluminum ribs, which help