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Thousands of years ago, agriculture started changing civilization. As humans figured out ways to grow crops and domesticate animals, they stopped being hunters and gatherers who continually moved around on a never-ending search for food and shelter, and created communities with distinct cultures. And eventually, we ended up where we are today.

While industrial farming on a grand scale has become very eficient, it has degraded the quality of soil. “As the soil has been mined of its fertility, we’ve seen the loss of vitamins and minerals within foods,” says Ann Adams, PhD, executive director of Holistic Management International, a nonprofit organization that educates farmers in regenerative agriculture. “If we have a truly living, fertile soil, that’s very diflerent than dirt that’s being used to grow food by putting in synthetic fertilizer and

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For quick prep, you can make the pickled beets ahead of time. Just know, the earlier you make them, the more “pickled” they become. 1 lb. golden beets, trimmed (about 2 large)1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil½ cup distilled white vinegar1 Tbs. honey½ tsp