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What do a spoonful of sauerkraut and healthy soil have in common? A vast complex of “good bugs,” or life-supporting probiotics, that act as your silent partners when it comes to keeping your gut healthy, supporting nutrient absorption and keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.


It turns out that the impact of beneficial microbes runs much (William Morrow, 2013). In a nutshell, the idea is this: Compared with modern agriculture systems, traditional or regenerative farming methods hold a hidden hero – a vast complex of beneficial microbes that are vital players in the farming system itself, from the soil right up to the milking barn. “Being connected to a healthy farm cycle offers us a whole series of health benefits,” says Miller. uncovers many benefits beyond advantages such as cleaner water, soil and air for the community, including more-nutritious foods (by making soil nutrients more available for plants to pull up in their roots) and exposure to more naturally occurring good bugs on the foods you eat, which may improve your body’s own microbiome.

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