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In this tutorial, we’ll transform a London skyline into a scene straight out of a sci-fi disaster movie, using only a few very simple images: one of the skyline, one of a cloudy sky, and the other a piece of rock. We’ll cut out the skyline, then position the clouds behind to make it look like smoke and flames are coming from behind the buildings. Then we’ll use the surface of the rock to create a meteor shape. Once that’s done, it’s simply a case of building up

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How would you define “street photography?” While the term is widely used, there is in fact no clear, single and absolute definition of what it constitutes. The term “street” is ambiguous. While it often evokes images of photographers pacing the pavem
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Master The Split Toning Panel
Sometimes a straightforward black-and-white conversion can leave you wanting more. So why not try a split-tone effect? This is very easy with Camera Raw and Lightroom’s dedicated Split Toning panel. Simple options allow you to add separate colours to