As Google Home isn’t officially available in the UK, and doesn’t charge via Micro USB or USB-C, you’re going to need an adapter to use it. While some are concerned about voltage, we’ve found that a cheap US-to-UK travel adapter works just fine. You can pick one up at Argos or

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Direct sunlight can cause problems both in terms of motion detection and battery life for wireless cameras, since changing light conditions force them to refocus and readjust constantly through the day. Pointing your cameras at more shaded areas, or
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The Best Ergonomic Mice
Are you experiencing wrist or hand pain? If yes, it could be time for you to alter part of your computing setup. Whereas a standard mouse places your palm flat in relation to the desk, giving your wrist a workout, a vertical design puts more of the e
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Apple iPad Air
From £479 apple.com Originally, Apple used the ‘Air’ name for products that were thinner and lighter than anything that had come before. But this new iPad Air, like the recent new MacBook Air, doesn’t actually fit this description. Now, Apple seems t