2017’S Top Releases


The latest Resi is set on a derelict plantation in ‘murica (yikes!). This won’t be Resi of old, but will feature demented hillbillies and ghosts. It’ll also be VR-ready, so expect to be terrified.


Bethesda’s space-themed, dark-action, first-person RPG, Prey (no relation to the canned Prey 2) is set to take the gaming world by storm, pitting you against a space-station filled with aliens. Oh joy.


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“Alexa, Turn On The Shower”
Smart speakers, connected cookers and robot vacuum cleaners have taken over most of your home, but there’s one space that could still do with a tech upgrade: your bathroom. The easiest step towards a smart bathroom is smart lighting. Start by creatin
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Huawei P30 Pro
From £899 consumer.huawei.com Last year, the P20 Pro was the phone that demanded everyone sit up and take notice of Huawei. The company instantly went from being a budget upstart to a serious Samsung and Apple competitor. It’s a hard task for that ph
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The Year Of Oled
Continuing B&O’s on-going quest to prove there’s no design too audacious, the wooden panels that house this TV’s speakers fold up automatically and partially cover the screen when it’s turned off, so that it becomes more like a sculpture than a deact