Source: Asparagus contains glutathione, an antioxidant and detoxifying compound that breaks down free radicals, and which is being researched as a way to destroy breast cancer cells.It takes about three years from seed to first harvest, but then asparagus plants can last up to 15 years!The amino acid asparagine found in asparagus is a natural diuretic, which helps the body release excess fluid and salts and maintain the health of your kidneys.

e it makes your pee smell funny, asparagus should headline every health-conscious woman’s groce ry list. Asparagus is super high in key vitamins and minerals and low in calories (less than 30 calories per cup), earning it a top spot on the ANDI

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MAKES 2 SERVINGS ½ cup vanilla whey protein powder½ cup 2% Greek yogurt½ cup liquid egg whites1 ripe banana½ cup oats1 tbsp natural maple extract Mix ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Coat skillet with cooking spray and place over high heat. When
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Never treat protein powder as a flour substitute because it will not react the same way chemically with the other recipe ingredients — especially whey protein. “Whey is a very unique type of protein,” Sward says. “It has a tendency to dry up your rec
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Warm Wishes
for me, summer cannot come fast enough, and despite the intractable winter weather in the Northeast, I stubbornly break out my flip-flops mid-April only to suffer through another six weeks of toe-numbing cold. In fact, at this writing — in April — it