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Desk Stars
The term “smart” has many meanings. We’ve come to think of it recently as the big catch–all term for networking–packed gadgets, but ignoring the old definitions — specifically the one where it’s a synonym for “clever” — wouldn’t be, er, smart. Revita
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Clear Out The Leftovers
Having a startup disk that’s crammed with files can, in some cases, slow down your Mac. That’s because macOS and apps need free disk space for a variety of tasks. Most importantly, macOS needs to be able to use disk space as a proxy for memory, so it
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Free (IAPs) From Agile Tortoise, Inc., Needs macOS 10.13 or later Drafts claims to be the quickest way to capture ideas and tasks, and it’s been a big hit on iOS. Now available for Mac you can create new notes, aka drafts, in several wa