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IN YOGA THEORY, we are all innately connected to and not separate from a universal life force that can help us access feelings of lasting peace. But it’s also true that every object throughout the entire universe, including you, is unique. It’s natural, then, to think of yourself as separate from others. But to quantum physicists and yogis alike, you are not separate: You, and everything in the universe, are both unique and nonseparate. Everything is part of an interconnected, undivided wholeness that underlies the entire cosmos. This realization is perhaps the most powerful insight on the path of yogic meditation.

Your sense of interconnected, undivided wholeness is hardwired into your nervous system. Whenever you separate from this feeling, your body sends you somatic messages, such as contractions in your gut or heart palpitations, that let you know that “something’s wrong.” These are messengers warning you to stop.” When this occurs, you may become psychologically embroiled in trying to fix or change yourself, and not recognize that you’ve simply separated from your underlying wholeness.

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