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Source: “Multiple exposures show in one frame the projected happy self versus the internal, troubled self,” says photographer Sarah Wilmer, who herself has smiling depression (read more about her on page 147).

Becky took a deep breath, cemented a smile on her face, and stepped out of her car, swooping down to wrap her niece and nephew in a giant hug.

The 37-year old Chicago teacher pushed away the thoughts that had been playing on a loop in her mind during the drive to her family vacation: What if I crash the car? Now I’ll never have time to prep my classroom for the school year. I shouldn’t have agreed to come. But it had taken Becky’s mom weeks of cajoling to convince her to join the family at a Michigan lake house, and Becky didn’t want to let her down. For the next three days, she played with her sister’s kids, posed for pictures, and went for boat rides—all while hiding her growing sadness and her panic about the drive home.

On the last day, she snapped one final happy photo from the boat and posted it to Facebook with the caption “Last boat ride on Magician Lake this summer!” But

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